Welcoming a stranger or traveller was a fundamental courtesy in the ancient Near East (Gen. 18:1–8). Grave consequences followed a violation of this custom (Judg. 8:4–9). In the NT (Luke 7:36–50) Simon, a Pharisee [[➝ Pharisees]], is rebuked for his lack of appropriate care for his guests. Jesus expected his disciples to be offered hospitality when he sent them out on a mission (Mark 6:10). Jesus' own regard for custom is by not upstaging his host: he heals only when asked (Mark 1:30) and knows the rules of precedence (Luke 14:8). He was sometimes offered private homes for teaching (Mark 1:29–34).
The early Church expected its members to receive hospitality if they visited another town (Rom. 12:13; 1 Pet. 4:9; Acts 17:7). Letters of commendation on behalf of travellers were exchanged amongst Church leaders (Rom. 16:1–2; 3 John 5).

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